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SPEL’s manufacturing operations offer diverse plastic processing capabilities tailored to customer needs. We employ innovative methods to enhance product design, reduce costs, and ensure superior performance. Our expertise encompasses designing, engineering, tooling, molding, and assembly.

Injection Modeling

We utilize injection molding technologies to produce various products and multi-component assemblies, including automotive components, household products, and thin-walled items like ice cream tubs.

Gas Injection Molding

For the improved surface finish and reduced weight of products resulting in lower cost, Gas Injection Molding has been introduced for many components including television bodies.

Insert Molding

A variety of insert molded plastic products are manufactured in the plant including but not limited to steering wheels, door handles and grills.

Molds and Facilities

State of art mold welding using CAD/ CAM, CNC machining, wire cutting and EDM.

Material Selection

Leveraging a vast material database and strong partnerships with suppliers, we select and use advanced materials to improve production processes and enhance product quality and performance.

  • Filled or Reinforced Polyolefins
  • Plastics with Calcium Carbonate, Glass –Fiber, Mica, Talc or mixes
  • Pre – colored grades of the above
  • Masterbatches of Functional additives such as Anti – Oxidants, process aids, etc.

Sheet Metal Fabrication & Welding

Our in-house manufacturing units ensure precision and accuracy for insert molded products through sheet metal fabrication. We design and manufacture tooling, stamping, welding, and inspection fixtures internally.

Product Development

Using cutting-edge CAD/CAM/CAE technology, we develop plastic parts and components from various sources, optimizing design alternatives, reducing prototyping costs, and expediting time-to-market

Design & Engineering

From conceptual design to finished products, we employ sophisticated CAD/CAM/CAE technology to design, analyze, manufacture, and inspect products, ensuring compliance with specified standards and delivering superior quality.

Reverse Engineering

Our Quality and Research & Development departments utilize advanced software for automatic batch and individual part inspection, adhering to CAD or drawing specifications. With scanning facilities nearby, we excel in digitizing parts and providing point cloud or triangulate data for reverse engineering processes.

CAD Generation

Equipped with advanced software, we perform automatic batch and individual part inspections according to CAD or drawing specifications. Additionally, we digitize sample parts and provide point cloud or triangulate data.

Paint Facilities

Our state-of-the-art paint facilities ensure impeccable quality finishes for products, including automotive components. We utilize customer-specified paints and maintain controlled temperature, automated baking lines, and dust-free spray booths.


We extrude plastic sheets in roll form from 0.3mm to 1.5mm thickness in HIPS, PET, and PP, offering color options upon request.


As one of Pakistan’s largest thermoforming companies, we specialize in manufacturing cups and tubs ranging from 30ml to 1.5L, catering to food packaging needs.

Screen Printing

Our printing solutions for thermoformed cups ensure high-quality prints tailored to customer requirements, facilitated by state-of-the-art printing machines.